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U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Ken Raimondi

Nate is the all-mighty web-wizard and has demanded I provide you a bio so here it is. I was born in Stamford Connecticut twenty-eight years ago and lived in CT for my first eighteen years. Connecticut is the little state between New York and Massachusetts known for such famous things as … I'll have to get back to you on that! My upbringing was nothing special unless you consider the time I wrote the short story “Mr. Toilet Man” for Young Authors of America. Surprisingly I was not honored by the teaching-elite but was voted a class favorite!

I attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting while still in my senior year of high school with big-eyed dreams of being a world famous radio broadcaster. Those were snuffed quickly when I started working at WEBE 108 as a roadie and realized talent and drive was second to butt-kissing and begging. That didn't settle well with an eighteen-year old who was sure the American dream was waiting for him.

A friend of mine was joining the Air Force and so I went with him for a chat with the recruiter. I was impressed, went on a base tour of Hanscom AFB, and I was sold!

I spent my first three years in the Air Force working on helicopters because I thought I wanted to do something different. It wasn't long before I realized my mechanical skills were about as high as my ability to fly myself to the moon and start a new colony of Raimondi's who sold moon dust to NASA. In case you haven't noticed, moon dust is not a big seller.

I got married to my beautiful wife in 2003 and moved to Quincy Massachusetts to start my second job in the Air Force as an enlisted recruiter. Tough work but rewarding when you see good people get a good start in life. It was here where my life came full circle. I was still in my first enlistment and had the opportunity to change jobs when my recruiting time was finished. I put in a package to become a broadcaster and was on my way to doing what I love for an organization I believe in.

Not long before I left Massachusetts my first son was born and in 2006 I was on my way to Seoul Korea. It's there I started living the dream as a broadcaster. I had the chance to produce news stories, anchor a newscast and DJ a radio show. Plus, I was working with the Army so I got to join them for physical training at 0630. The happiness this brought this lanky, 165 pound human being cannot be described in words. Okay...I'm being a bit sarcastic but the work was awesome!

My two years were up in Korea and my family expanded with the arrival of another little boy. We packed up our lives and headed back to where I am stationed now. I work for Recruiting Command as a broadcaster and do all of the radio and TV Public Service Announcements for the command across the nation. It's a great place to work and I love doing my job for an organization I feel so strong about. The Air Force has really opened doors for me and I can't think of a better place to be.

Although I'm away from what matters most to me, my wife and those two little guys, I still feel passionate about being here in Afghanistan. I know I'm here for a purpose and if I can be an outlet for others to tell their story then  maybe you will have a better idea of what's happening here. With this project I will have the chance to show you that people from all over the world, with different bio's and backgrounds, have come to Afghanistan to make this place better for those who want to live in peace. Now that I've had the chance to share my story, I hope you take the time to hear theirs. I bet you it's a lot better than the one you just read!