Family Photos

U.S.Air Force Tech. Sgt. Nathan Gallahan

I don’t really remember what the weather was like Jan. 21, 1979, but that was the day I was born in Newport, Wash. I really wanted to go outside and play in the snow, but they insisted in locking me in a cage in the hospital, which they called a crib, while adults all around oo’d and aah’d at me.

A few months later I was swinging in a basket from the ceiling of our tiny little house, because my parents couldn’t afford to buy a crib of their own. We may not have been rich, but my youth taught me that money isn’t necessary to be happy and lead a fulfilling life.

For the next 16 years I grew up with various dreams and aspirations varying from being a fighter pilot to being a really good fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. My childhood was dedicated not to social successes, but towards a single goal of landing a spot in the Air Force Academy. Unfortunately, all my dreams died when I learned you had to have perfect vision in 1997 to be a fighter pilot. So I enlisted. 

I had about a month of freedom after I graduated before I was in basic training. I ended up being an aerospace ground equipment mechanic, and I was pretty horrible at it. I would feel sorry for myself but I'm too busy feeling sorry for the supervisors that had to deal with me back then. What I didn’t have in skill, I made up for with stubbornness. I was a hard headed Airman and I tried my best, but I knew I needed to find a job that I could do better, to serve my country to the best of my abilities. I found my passion after retraining into Public Affairs after six years in the service.

Now that I have more than 12 years of service, five duty stations and five deployments, I can safely say that this military era of my life has been very challenging and very rewarding. I’ve gone and seen and experienced many things not many get to experience. At times I have questioned the choices and sacrifices I’ve made, as everyone has, but I’ve never regretted any of it, and I’m proud of all of it.

The proudest moment of my life was marrying my wife Edna two years ago. I am truly blessed and honored with a wife that is not only caring and loving, but sweet, charming and very cute. I can’t wait for the day we have children together, because I know she’ll be an incredible Mommy.  I think of her often and have photos splattered all over the place of her, which you can also find on this page. I dream of the day I’ll finally be able to hold her in my arms again.

As for me personally, I love honest and hard debates on a wide scope of topics. I’m vocal about my opinions and I’ve been very lucky to be blessed with supervisors who allow me to rant sometimes. I’ve learned there’s times and places for various discussions and I’ve also learned to temper my outlandish ideals with a pen and paper. I have a passion for writing, a passion for the complete story, and a passion for education when it matters.

I hope that over the next thirty days, you will not learn much more about me but see and learn all about the NATO mission and the Afghan people we’re here to help. My goal is to simply be a guide on this journey, to take you through Afghanistan so we can experience and learn together.